All you Need to Know about Bezel Engagement Rings

Bezel Setting
Engagement Ring Facts

Bezel setting for diamond engagement rings is one of the most popular among brides today. It is characterized by a metal frame, which encompasses the edge of the center stone. Below are a few facts about bezel ring settings.


One of the main reasons why a large number of people prefer the bezel setting for engagement rings is the protection that it offers to the jewelry. Diamonds might be the hardest substances in the world, but they can be damaged under pressure, especially along the edges. As bezel settings form a protective cover around the girdle, this prevents the chances of the center stone coming in contact with another surface.


Bezel set rings are loved for their simplicity of design. Yet it has many other benefits too. For one, it fits well on your hands, and has a low profile, meaning that it does not rise high above the fingers as you wear it. Hence, it does not pick up much wear even with rough usage. This setting is ideal for those involved in professions like a teaching, health care, or athletics.


As far as the security is concerned, you can go ahead and confidently buy it. The edges of the girdle are set into a tiny channel in the setting. In addition, the top lip of the metal is folded around the top crown of the stone. This locks it in place and secures it. When compared to other setting styles, which use weaker setting styles, this style is much firmer.


Apart from the security and simplicity that the bezel rings offer, they are also budget-friendly. This is mainly due to its simple setting. This setting does not feature any additional diamonds or raw materials, and hence, they come at lower prices.

Less Sparkle

One of the main drawbacks of bezel setting is that they sparkle less compared to other settings. This is due to the fact that they fully envelop the center diamond and leave no room for any light to enter, thus making them duller in comparison to other settings.

Bezel Halo

If you want to ensure that your bezel engagement ring sparkles really well, then selecting a bezel halo is a great option. This will install a ring of small pave diamonds around the center stone. This will give an added sparkle to the diamond ring. Meanwhile, the security offered by the bezel ring will be intact.

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