Advantages Of Using Bezel Setting Diamond Rings

Bezel Setting Diamond Ring
Bezel Setting Diamond Ring

The Bezel Setting is a popular setting used in diamond rings. Unlike a Prong setting, which uses prongs to hold the stone, the bezel setting is made by fixing a strip of metal around the diamond. There are so many different types of bezel settings. Some of them will encircle the stone fully and some other design will only cover half or small portions of the stone. A bezel setting can be used for almost all diamond cuts available in the market. Some of the advantages of using a bezel set diamond ring are as follows.

Better Protection For The Stone

The bezel setting is considered the most secure design for diamonds. This is because it gives better protection for the diamond by holding it firmly to the ring. Since there is a metal strip encircling the diamond in full bezel settings, it reduces the risk of losing the stone. Some diamond designs like emerald cut and square cut are having sharp edges. If you are using settings like prong setting for these diamonds, there is a risk of chipping its edges. However, the bezel setting protects all the sides and edges of the diamonds. Therefore, it is better for diamonds with edges like princess, and pear cuts.

Ideal Setting For Low Cost Diamonds

Diamonds are available in different qualities. The quality of a diamond is evaluated by checking its color, clarity, weight, size, and design. Since it is difficult to determine the quality of a diamond by mere examination, some agencies like GIA have graded them based on the color, clarity, cut, etc. If you are buying diamonds of lower grade, it may have some visible defects like scratches. Some low cost diamonds may also have a yellow tint. If you are using a setting like prong settings, it will exhibit these openly. Therefore, it is better to use a bezel setting for these diamonds because it will easily conceal the defects of the stone.

The above mentioned are some of the advantages of a bezel set diamond ring. Every type of ring setting has its pros and cons. Some people are not interested in this ring setting because it covers the diamond and they claim that it reduces the sparkling effect of the stone. Some of them are hesitant to use it because it uses more metal than prong settings and can be more expensive.

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