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The most desirable quality of all diamond engagement rings is their sparkle. Everyone loves the brilliant shine of a diamond, but how to find a diamond with maximum brilliance can sometimes be tricky. To do this you would have to acquire some knowledge about diamonds.

What Makes a Diamond Sparkle?

It is the interaction of light with the diamond’s cut, that produces the magnificent sparkle. Therefore, the quality of the diamond cut plays a major role in the reflectance of the diamond when it is put under a light source. The diamond facet’s angle, measurements, and other proportions also determine the amount of light reflected by the diamond.

The gemologists who have carefully studied the reflection of diamond describe the process in this way:

“The light when it enters the diamond travels along its interior reflecting off its facets. The light gets reflected by the diamond either as white light (brightness) or by the colors of a rainbow (fire): violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.”

When a diamond is moved simultaneously, the scintillation effect occurs. This effect produces the white flashes along with the spectral colored flashes in the contrast of the dark and light that could be seen around the diamond.

How to Choose a Diamond That Sparkles

The sparkle produced by a diamond depends on how the stone interacts with an external light source. So, the cut quality of the diamond and the environment around it plays a great role in the brilliance of the stone.

  • Always analyze the diamond under four different sources of light
  • Carefully choose the cutting style of the stone
  • Carefully choose its cut quality

Maximizing Diamond Sparkle

  • A diamond does not have to be huge to have a great brilliance. Diamonds that have identical color, proportions, and clarity give off the same sparkle irrespective of their carat weight or size.
  • Always choose the right setting. You could make your diamond appear big by choosing the prong setting. If you want more protection for your diamond than prong setting, choose bezel setting.
  • Make sure to pick a diamond that has good clarity and color grades. The brilliance of diamonds that have a lower color grade below H may not be that appealing, while the stones with SI2 or lower grades are said to have clarity problems. Both of these factors are very important to selecting a stunning diamond.

A smart way of enhancing the sparkle of your engagement ring is by adding more number of diamonds to it. Best bet – go for a bezel set diamond ring with small round diamonds for the maximum sparkle.

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