A Pro/Con Comparison between the Bezel and Prong Settings

Engagement Rings
Bezel And Prong Settings

Engagement rings these days come with a range of settings to hold precious stones. Of these, the bezel and prong settings have long been favored by the majority of buyers. Each is visibly and materially different from the other, performing distinct roles and going well with different diamond cuts and carat weights. Given below is a comparison of the two.

Advantages of the Prong Setting

A prong setting is intended to cover as little as possible of the diamond it holds. Each prong is a thin construct, with leaving a much wider gap with the next.

  • A prong setting can hold diamonds cut in the majority of shapes, even though cuts with sharp corners are rarely set inside prongs.
  • Prongs make cleaning easier than most other settings. This is because dirt and grime have fewer spaces to enter.
  • Prong settings have never gone out of fashion, mainly because they provide maximum diamond visibility.

Advantages of the Bezel Setting

This setting comprises a ring of metal surrounding the diamond, which protects it from damage. Any hit is likelier to be absorbed by the ring itself.

  • Bezels are very secure, and in this regard, may even be the best of all settings. Being placed above the diamond’s girdle, the bezel is able to hold the stone firmly in place.
  • This setting is sleek and trendy. Moreover, the enclosed nature mostly protects the bezel itself from major damage.
  • They suit low profile rings.

Disadvantages of the Prong Setting

  • Despite being so popular, the prong setting is designed in such a way that it allows significant damage to the set stone. Great care is needed to ensure the diamond does not chip.
  • Prong snag often, and can incur damage when they do. This also raises chances of the stone being lost.
  • Prongs loosen with wear, and the wearer usually only notices this when it is already too late, and they have misplaced a precious gem.

Disadvantages of the Bezel Setting

  • A bezel setting hides much of the diamond it holds, and is especially lacking in this regard when compared to prongs.
  • If most of the diamond is set below the bezel line, then you have less light entering it and being reflected outwards.
  • Bezel set rings look bulkier than the ones with prongs.

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