A Guide to Choosing Stylish Engagement Ring Settings

Bezel Setting
Engagement Ring Settings

It is diversity that adds color to your life, and this is more than true when it comes to diamonds. There are innumerable ring styles available in the world of jewelry and hence, you are always left with a boundless number of choices to pick among.

There are lots of variations in the settings and styles of the average ring purchase, which would mean there is enough to satisfy the tastes and wants of everyone. There are lots of ring setting types as well; these include bezel setting, prong setting, tiffany setting, tension setting, channel setting, halo setting, and many more. Below are some of the most popular ring settings to be considering right now.

Bezel setting

In a bezel set ring, the centerpiece would be held in place by a precious metal strip surrounding it. This setting usually mounts stones that carry flatbacks, as these have a less angled surface, and require only little lighting to exhibit substantial shine. The bezel setting also helps the stone catch up on any of the brilliance that could be lost due to any quirkiness in shape.

Prong Setting

A ring with a prong setting would have prongs which are well shaped for holding the center stone in its proper place. In the prong setting, you would see that the center stone looks as if it is suspended on the top of the ring.

Prong-Set and Bezel-Set Solitaire Rings

In the solitaire engagement ring setting, you would be able to see a single gemstone or diamond that is attached to a band. The solitaire setting does not feature any side stones or diamonds which surround the band of the ring.

The prong set solitaire ring really assumes a new and different approach for showcasing the beautiful center diamond. For this, you could either use a crisp and clean shank or an ornate shank; each of these brings a dazzling effect in the diamond centerpiece. When it comes to a bezel set solitaire ring, you could either choose a smooth and sleek shank, or a contrasting design.

Gemstone Choice

Diamonds have always been viewed as the perfect stone for engagement rings. They are also regarded as the most traditional ring stone choice. Nevertheless, rings featuring colored gemstones are also rising in popularity nowadays. A solitaire ring would absolutely look stunning alongside colored gemstones. Colored stones would look perfect on solitaire rings that are being presented for an anniversary, or as a Valentine’s day gift.

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