A Guide to Buying Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

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A yellow diamond engagement ring is one of the popular ones among all the rings that feature fancy colored diamonds. They look very beautiful and make the person wearing it to stand out in a crowd of people.

It is a fact that the fancy colored diamonds are found rarely under the earth’s surface. Only a very few fancy colored diamonds are mined every year. It is told that for every 10,000 diamonds that are mined, only one is a fancy colored diamond. For this reason, fancy colored diamonds are very valuable and costs much high. However, a fancy yellow diamond is not that rare and is one of the fancy colored diamonds that can be seen more than other colored diamonds. You can get a yellow colored diamond for the same price for which you can get a colorless diamond.

Quality of Yellow Diamonds

The normally colorless diamonds are graded using a scale of D to Z, on which D represents the absence of color, and Z represents the presence of a tint. However, the fancy colored diamonds are not graded using the same scale.

The presence of nitrogen in a yellow diamond is much more than other colorless diamonds. This nitrogen present in the stone is the reason for its yellow color since it absorbs the blue light. Sometimes the yellow diamonds can have a secondary hue as well, which is mostly orange, green, or brown color mixed with yellow. These secondary hues can also affect the price of the yellow diamond since the original color will be different for stones with different secondary hues. The color differences will affect the price of the stones.

The GIA Report

Make sure that the yellow diamond that you buy has a grading report from GIA. The grading report of GIA is trustworthy, and it will assure you that you are not being deceived with a lab-grown diamond or a diamond that was treated. There are many yellow diamonds available in the market with high clarity. This means that you can get a yellow diamond which will be pleasing to your eyes.

The colorless diamonds usually come in round-cut shape, though they are available in other shapes. Yellow diamonds do not come in round shape; rather they come in fancy shapes like cushion cuts, emerald cuts, oval cuts, pear shapes, etc.

If the yellow diamond is a fluorescent one, its price will be less. The lesser the fluorescence in the diamond, the price of the yellow diamond will be higher.

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