A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Bezel Set Engagement Ring

Bezel Set Engagement Rings
Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Bezel set engagement rings are the second most popular style of setting behind only the solitaire style. The characteristic feature of a bezel set diamond ring is the metal frame that encircles the edge of the center stone. This structure also holds the diamond in place. They are also the oldest setting style part from being one of the most loved for its sheer simplicity and ease of manufacture. Below is a look into the various aspects of the bezel engagement rings and their features.


The most preferred aspect of bezel engagement ring settings is that they are well protected and sheltered in the design. The central ring is fully circled and the stone is safe from impacts. Even though diamonds are the hardest natural substance in existence, they are prone to inclusions and flaws if subjected to large force. The edges of diamonds are extremely prone to impacts, and hence, need protection, which this setting provides easily.

Bezel settings wrap around the girdle, giving the ultimate protection from ever being exposed to another hard surface that could damage it. The possibility of another hard surface coming in contact with this diamond is completely ruled out.


Related to the security aspect of the diamond, bezel setting is a great choice. The stone is securely held with the edges along the girdle set into a channel within the setting. Further, the upper lip of the metal is folded around the crown of the stone. This holds the stone tightly in position. When compared to other feeble positions employed in other settings, this is a much more protected setting.


Bezel settings are characterized by a much lower profile than any other settings. This means that they are not located as high as the other diamonds when the ring is worn. Therefore, you do not have to worry much when you wear it and go about with your normal chores of the day. It is also convenient for people who use their hands frequently such as those engaged in professions such as teaching, nursing, and similar jobs.


Bezel settings are one of the simplest designs and do not use utilize additional stones or precious metals to supplement the appearance of the center diamond. As it uses minimal raw material in construction, bezel set engagement rings are priced pretty low. Experts say that they are even equal in terms of price with solitaire settings.

Due to their simplicity, they are easy to make too and do not require high levels of technical skills to complete. On the contrary, settings like the halo pave will need the worker to handpick each and every diamond and then place them individually into the right position. Later, they will need to be surrounded by prongs, which are then bent into place. Bezel settings save that time and skill level, which reflect in their low pricing.

The best thing about buying a cheap ring implies that you can spend the amount you saved for some other meaningful purposes. This may include upgrading the stone of your center stone, going for a larger stone, or employing a better precious metal, or using the money for a better wedding party or even a more lavish honeymoon trip. This can all be possible if your choice is a bezel set diamond ring.

Less Sparkle

One of the most commonly quoted shortcomings of the bezel diamond ring is that they possess less sparkle. Since they are wrapped around from all sides, they allow a minimum amount of light to pass through them. This means they do not the amount of brilliance that the other diamonds display. However, this argument is not legitimate. All the diamonds that shine brilliantly reflect the light back off the inside after letting it in through the top in the first place. Technically, bezel diamonds does not reduce the light entering through the top, and hence, they also produced a magnificent sparkle.

You just need to make sure that the top of the diamond is not covered by any chance. Even though all the diamond jewelers are aware of this fact, you need to double check this to ensure that they are well exposed on the top.

Bezel Halo

A sure-shot way to ensure that bezel set engagement rings do not fall short on sparkle is to go for a bezel halo setting. In this design, the center stone is surrounded by a ring of smaller ‘pave’ diamonds. This will make sure that the ring emits a significant amount of sparkle. Meanwhile, you do not have to worry about the safety of the diamond as they are well wrapped in the center portion in the bezel setting. The halo bezel design gives a ring the right balance of glamour and safety.

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