A Comparison Between High And Low Profile Engagement Rings

Low-Profile Engagement Rings
Low-Profile Engagement Rings

You should already know that there is a lot to consider when picking your diamond engagement or wedding ring. The most important factors are the 4Cs of diamond quality, i.e., cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. This is followed by the setting profile and the precious metal. The profile of the ring determines how high or low it comes off your finger. There are two categories under this: high and low. This affects the comfort and practicality of wearing the ring. In this article, we will compare high- and low-profile engagement rings.

The Setting Profile Of Engagement Rings

The setting profile of an engagement ring influences its wearability and style. So, you must choose it carefully when selecting engagement or wedding rings because these rings are for a lifetime.

What Are High And Low Profiles?

The difference between high- or low-profile depends on the position of the center stone on the diamond engagement ring. For example, when you look at a ring from the side, and if the diamond or gemstone is set high off the band, it is a high-profile ring. On the other hand, for low-profile engagement rings, the center stone is set fairly close to the band.

The Pros And Cons Of High Set Engagement Ring

The high set profile is especially suitable for solitaire rings because it gives more wow factor for the ring. Remember that when gemstones are set high on the band, they become more eye-catchy. This is especially true for diamonds because they can capture and reflect more light, and hence increase their sparkle. Furthermore, this setting is preferred by many brides because it complements many engagement ring styles.

However, one of the major disadvantages of high-set engagement rings is that they are more vulnerable to damages. This is because the center stones are easier to be scraped or bumped into objects. Likewise, a high prong setting has an increased chance of snagging.

The Pros And Cons Of Low Set Engagement Rings

Low-set profile engagement rings need lower maintenance and are comfortable to wear. For example, bezel set engagement rings belong to this category. They are durable, less prone to scrape or bump, and less likely to get snagged on clothing. Due to these reasons, they are suitable for everyday wearing.

The major drawback of low-profile engagement rings is that they have less visual impact. This is because the gemstones capture less light and hence, they are less sparkly.

On a final note, the choice between high- and low-profile engagement rings depends on the preference of the wearer.

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