A Buyer’s Guide to Tension Set Diamond Rings

Tension Set Diamond Ring
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So, you have decided to pop the question and take your relationship to the next level. Now, you may be wondering about the perfect diamond engagement ring design or setting for your better half. Usually, some people may simply go for the latest diamond ring designs. Even though such rings may impress your partner at the first sight, it is likely to go out of fashion shortly making it awkward for your love to flaunt it later. To tackle this, consider an option that defines your significant other. Otherwise, choose designs that are known to stand the test of time. Some of these timeless diamond ring setting options include prong, bezel, and tension. Out of these, the outstanding choice that is perfect to embrace both traditional and modern designs alike is the tension diamond ring setting. If you are planning to choose a striking tension set diamond ring to woo your soulmate, you may refer to the following points.

What exactly is tension diamond ring setting?

The tension setting is actually a new option when compared to prong and bezel settings. Note that the original tension diamond band setting was introduced to the field during the 1960s. However, professionals opted out to design a ring using this setting because of the security issues. Later, in the 1990s, diamond ring designers came up with strong and lasting tension set diamond rings by tweaking its original setting a bit. Since then, it never failed to impress the viewers and is still very much in vogue making tension setting an eternal option.

In a tension set diamond ring, the center stone will be securely held in place by means of the tensile force exerted by the metal band on each side. Usually, 12,000 pounds of pressure per square inch or more is exerted on the main gemstone to ensure its security. Since there are no metal settings to hold the gemstone, it tends to create an illusion of the diamond floating in the air.

Additionally, there will be a tiny groove at the edge of each open diamond band of the ring. This will let the stone to sit steadily on the ring. However, designers are particularly keen to mask these grooves from people so as to keep up the floating appeal of the diamond. Furthermore, the center stone in a tension band ring will be entirely exposed to light making sparkle like anything. Hence, tension diamond rings will be a great choice for all the couples who give priority to the brilliance of their ring.

How to choose the perfect tension set diamond ring

Even though tension setting is a conventional option, it offers a unique appeal to the ring making it stand out from the rest. While tension set diamond rings are likely to last for a lifetime and even beyond, you have to be extremely careful while choosing your ring crafted this spectacular setting. Note that you are likely to regret very badly if you choose the wrong option. Hence, it is imperative for a buyer to learn about some important details such as the pros, cons, best metal choices, gemstones, potential mistakes, etc., when it comes to tension set diamond ring shopping.

While tension set rings are extremely captivating and alluring, you must craft it using the right metal and stones. Otherwise, your expensive diamond ring will last only for a short period of time. Needless to mention, this will be a grave loss for you. Unfortunately, there are tons of tension diamond ring choices available in the market that features poor quality gemstones and metals.

Best gemstones and metals to craft tension set rings.

Undoubtedly, you must use strong diamonds or other gemstones in a tension set ring so that it will be able to hold up to the exerted pressure. In fact, it is recommended to use gemstones that rank 9 or more on the Moh’s scale of hardness in this case. Some of the potential options for this include diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and moissanite. Besides, use only diamonds with higher clarity grade for your tension rings since even tiny inclusions will be evident in these sparklers. Plus, inner flaws tend to reduce the strength of a diamond increasing the risk of cracking. When it comes to metal choices, platinum, gold, titanium, and stainless steel are some impressive options. Now, that you know how to select a tension set ring, you may go through its pros and cons for better clarity.


  • These rings are custom-made taking the measurements of wearer’s finger making it a unique and signature piece
  • Unlike most prong set rings, tension set rings do not require frequent cleaning and repairs. Plus, it will last beyond a lifetime if maintained properly.
  • An ideal choice for the consumers who crave for maximum fire and brilliance
  • Tension setting can hold diamonds of almost every shape.


  • It will be extremely challenging to resize a tension set diamond ring in the future
  • Only bigger diamonds will look appealing on tension band rings since the thick band of tension rings is likely to make small diamonds look even smaller.
  • Under extreme pressure, the center stone of your tension set diamond ring may fall out. However, this happens rarely.

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