A Brief Guide To Tension Setting

Tension Setting
Tension Setting

If you are planning on buying a diamond ring and doing thorough internet research for that, you might have come across a tension set diamond ring. This type of diamond ring is becoming very popular among people. In most ring settings, the center stone is held together in place with prongs. In the bezel setting, the center stone is surrounded by a metal lip.

In the tension setting, the center stone is held together in place using the tensile force. When compared to other ring settings, the tension setting is very new. The first ring setting was created in the 1970s and today it is one of the most popular ring settings among people.

The diamond or the gemstone in the tension setting is placed in the opening of the metal shank. The opening is like grooves cut into the metal. This placement will allow the stone to be held there using the pressure that is exerted on the diamond from the ends of the setting. This makes the diamond look like it is suspended in the air.

Light Performance

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the tension setting is that it is one of the ring settings that offer the best light performance to the center diamond. If you want to see your diamond ring in all its glory, then tension setting is the best choice. The tension setting allows the interaction of light with the center stone from all angles. This is possible because of the minimal interference of metal with light performance. When the light interacts with the diamond from all angles in the tension setting, the stone will exhibit excellent brilliance and scintillation.

Diamond Shapes

The best diamond shapes that are ideal for tension setting are princess cut and round brilliant cut. Both these diamond shapes have excellent symmetry and even proportion, which makes them ideal for tension setting. However, asymmetrical diamond shapes like pear cut or heart shape can also be used in a tension setting.

Why Should You Buy A Tension Set Diamond Ring?

A tension set ring has a sleek, modern, and unique design that other ring styles do not have. If you are looking for a contemporary ring design, then you should choose a tension setting. Even if the tension setting may look fragile, it is highly durable and secure in reality. The center stone is held together securely and it won’t fall off easily. However, you should know that resizing the tension setting without causing any damage is impossible.

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